Biotin & Keratin Shampoo Sale

Biotin & Keratin Shampoo Sale

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Biotin & Keratin Shampoo

AED. 30.00

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is biotin and keratin shampoo used for?

The Biotin and Keratin Shampoo are used to deal with multiple hair concerns like hair fall, frizziness, and dryness. The biotin in shampoo mainly deals with hair fall and hair growth. Additionally, Keratin is a protein that strengthens the hair while making it frizz-free and shiny.

Q. Is biotin with keratin good for hair growth?

Yes, Biotin and Keratin both are good for hair growth. Biotin controls hair fall and promotes hair growth. Keratin mainly reduces brittleness while strengthening the hair. Vince’s Biotin and Keratin Shampoo is a powerful formulation enriched with an adequate amount of biotin and keratin that not only effectively cleanses the scalp but improves overall hair health.

Q. Is biotin keratin shampoo good for my hair type?

Yes, Biotin and Keratin Shampoo is typically formulated for all hair types, and it is good for your hair as well. The main function of this shampoo is to clean all the impurities from the scalp, strengthen hair follicles and hair strands, and prevent from hair fall and damaged hair.

Q. Where can I buy biotin keratin shampoo in the UAE?

Vince’s premium quality Biotin and Keratin Shampoo is now available in the UAE. You can easily order it from Vince Beauty’s website, and get it on your doorstep. Another option is to buy it from

Q. What are the benefits of using biotin and keratin shampoo?

Vince’s Biotin and Keratin-infused shampoo is paraben-free. It removes buildup from the scalp, provides strength to hair shafts, and promotes a healthy scalp and hair. It also protects from hair fall, frizziness, and dryness while adding volume to the hair.