Extra Strength Lightening Cream Sale

Extra Strength Lightening Cream Sale

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Extra Strength Lightening Cream

AED. 46.00

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is Vince Extra Strength Lightening Cream suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Vince’s Extra Strength Lightening Cream is suitable for all skin types as it contains no harmful ingredients. It is a dynamic formulation of effective and gentle ingredients that deeply moisturize the skin, eliminating dullness, darkspots, and dryness without causing any damage.

Q. How often should I use the Lightnix Plus cream for optimal results?

Results often depend on the skin type, skin condition, and cream application besides other key factors like diet and lifestyle. But, you can use this cream twice a day for at least 6-10 weeks to see the visible results on your skin.

Q. Are there any potential side effects or precautions I should be aware of?

There is no side effect of this cream as it is free from harsh chemicals. Its natural composition makes it completely safe for the skin. It contains shea butter, licorice, and alpha arbutin which are derived from purely natural sources. However, be sure not to mix this cream with any active chemical ingredients as the addition of any unsafe ingredient might cause skin irritation.

Q. What differentiates Vince Extra Strength Lightening Cream from other skin-lightening products?

Vince’s extra strength lightening cream has a distinctive feature over all other skin-lightening creams. It does not contain mercury in lightening the skin. It is enriched with 100% pure and skin-friendly ingredients that lighten the skin without harming it in the long run.

Q. Is the Lightnix Plus cream free from parabens?

Yes, it is free from paraben and all other harsh chemicals. The skin brightening magic is enriched with shea butter, licorice, and alpha arbutin. The gentle formulation eliminates dullness, darkness, and dryness while giving brighter skin.