Freckle-Fighting Combo Sale

Freckle-Fighting Combo Sale

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Freckle-Fighting Combo

AED. 100.00

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How does Vince Freckle-Fighting Combo work to reduce hyperpigmentation?

Vince Advance Freckle-Fighting Combo is effective in reducing hyperpigmentation. The cream is enriched with Wonderlight and Coenzyme Q-10, which eliminates dark freckles and makes the skin spotless. Moreover, vitamin C in this combo fades away dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Q. What are the key benefits of using Vince Freckle-Fighting Combo?

Vince Advanced Freckle-Fighting Combo is enriched with premium quality ingredients. That's why it reduces persistent freckles, removes dark spots, eliminates dullness, and makes the skin clearer and brighter.

Q. How do I use Vince Vitamin C Serum in the freckle-fighting routine?

If you are struggling with freckles and dark spots, following a proper skincare routine can help eliminate freckles. Therefore, wash your face with advanced freckle face wash, apply 2-3 drops of vitamin C serum on a clean face, leave for a few seconds, and let it deeply penetrate the skin. Moreover, moisturize your skin with Vince's advanced freckle cream

Q. Can Vince Freckle-Fighting Combo be used on all skin types?

The magical freckle-fighting combo is safe for all skin types as it is enriched with gentle ingredients. Regardless of your skin type, this extra powerful combo eliminates dark freckles and makes the skin clearer and brighter if you use it regularly along with the advanced freckle face wash.

Q. How long does it typically take to see results from using Vince Freckle-Fighting Combo?

It takes a lot of time to eliminate freckles. However, regularly using this dynamic combo can show results within 4-5 weeks. But, results can get affected if you apply harsh chemicals on your face or opt for an unhealthy diet.