11 Best Ways To Reduce Premature Skin Aging

11 Best Ways To Reduce Premature Skin Aging

Premature Aging

Premature aging is also called ‘Progeria’, a type of accelerated aging. In this condition, the body shows early age-related signs like cellular breakage, internal health defects, and changes in overall appearance.

Aging is a natural process that refers to the deformation and deterioration of cells as we age. Premature aging is self-explanatory. This means that a person starts showing aging signs before the standard age.

Before moving ahead to the causes of premature skin aging, let’s have a glance at its symptoms.

  • Wrinkles on face and neck
  • Sagging skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hair fall 
  • Dry and dull skin
  • Fatigue

Reasons Behind Premature Aging

Premature skin aging has various reasons behind it. Sometimes biological issues like DNA and genetic disorders cause premature skin aging. Sometimes unhealthy dietary choices become a reason for premature aging. 

Moreover, Other factors such as lack of nutrition, extreme environmental conditions, and psychological problems also contribute to skin aging. Therefore, we will delve deep into the best ways to reduce premature skin aging in this blog.

11 Best Ways To Reduce Premature Skin Aging

1. Thorough Medical Examination

To reduce premature skin aging, a medical examination is mandatory. Some genetic disorders, like Bloom syndrome and Warner syndrome, are the kinds of hereditary disorders in which the said person starts mimicking psychological aging at an early age. This problem has been identified in several people in different countries.

This kind of premature aging can be corrected by medical aid rather than merely focusing on topical application to reduce premature skin aging.

2. Sun Protection

Sun is a natural source of energy and has uncountable benefits for humanity. However, overexposure to the sun can lead to premature aging like wrinkles and fine lines by deteriorating skin cells.

To reduce premature skin aging, sun protection is crucial. According to research, 90% of photoaging is caused due to unprotected sun exposure or excessive sun exposure. It directly impacts the collagen under the upper skin layer, making it vulnerable and wrinkle-prone.

Make it a habit to use Sunblock every day. Even in the cloudy weather, apply sunblock. At least SPF 30 is recommended for better protection from harmful sun rays. Vince’s sunblock is highly recommended for higher protection if needed, as it has launched sunblocks with Sunblock SPF 40, Sunblock SPF 50, and Sunblock SPF 75. They give the best sun protection without leaving the white caste.

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3. Hydration

Hydration is another best anti-aging secret to reduce premature skin aging. It ensures beauty from the inside out. Drinking an adequate quantity of water every day helps to reduce premature skin aging. Drinking other unsweetened drinks like fresh juices and milk can also help to hydrate your body.

Free photo woman drinking water after exercise

Water detoxifies the body and removes toxins from it and purifies the blood. This purification eventually helps in achieving healthy skin.

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4. Healthy Diet

Intake of a healthy diet has a pivotal role in reducing premature skin aging. Having a healthy diet can keep you young and effectively delay the skin aging process. Your daily diet should include vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and all the foods rich in antioxidants. 

Free photo young and happy woman eating salad with organic vegetables at the table on a light background , in denim clothes. the concept of a healthy home-made food.

In the 21st century, the hype in processed foods, junk food, and wrong dietary practices are causing premature aging. Even teenagers are now facing the problem of premature aging. Thus, the diet should be healthy and full of nutritional value to reduce premature skin aging.

5. A Complete Skincare Routine

Following a complete skincare routine with persistence helps to reduce premature skin aging. You can cleanse your face with any gentle cleanser like Extra Glow cleansing milk, follow up with a good exfoliator like Apricot face scrub that helps in the exfoliation of dead skin cells, and then wash your face with any suitable face wash. No face wash can be better than Vince's Perfect 30s face wash to reduce premature aging signs because it is sulfate-free. 

Perfect 30's Face Wash

Then, moisturize your face with a good moisturizer like Perfect 30’s cream for good results, which contains super effective ingredients to keep your skin healthy and glowing. In the meantime, do not forget to apply Vince’s sunblock SPF 50 for better protection.

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Moreover, the usage of harsh chemical-based products is not recommended at all to use at a tender age and even after that. But you can use mild, fragrance-free, and vegan products like Vince’s product which are completely safe to use for any skin type.

Vince’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from harmful chemicals like sulfate and paraben. You can add them to your skincare regime.

5. Avoid Smoking

According to research, 22.3% of the global population smokes. In this number, teenagers have a significant ratio which becomes a reason for sagging and wrinkled skin.

Free photo mid section of a man breaking the cigarettes with hands

The smoke shrinks the blood vessels making it difficult for blood to reach each body part properly. This congestion of veins causes dullness and sagging of the skin. 

Thus to reduce premature skin aging, quit smoking. It will help the body in the collagen synthesis and reduce wrinkling and sagging.

6. Exercise Regularly

Physical exercises reverse the aging naturally. Recent studies have shown that physical exercises have several effects on keeping skin youthful and wrinkle-free.

Free photo fitness man

The face also has very small blood vessels. Increased blood flow pumps more blood to these vessels making skin fresh and healthy. This process leads to reducing premature skin aging like wrinkles and aging skin.

7. Adequate Sleep

Our body works well for the skin while we sleep because the body releases the HGH hormone and melatonin. Both of these hormones are essential for skin health.

Free photo hard working even at morning in bed is key for success

Our skin shows how our body feels internally. That is why having a sound sleep for at least 6-8 hours per day is a must for the body as our body works on skin rejuvenation and cell repair during rest time. Thus, a proper sleeping routine can help to reduce premature skin aging, as it gives ample time for the skin to get repaired.

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8. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals on the skin like sulfate and paraben can badly deteriorate the actual skin texture and cause an imbalance of PH of the skin. To reduce premature skin aging, stop using such harmful chemicals.

Free photo front view male scientific worker in special protective suit holding flask with red solution on the yellow desk

These chemicals strip away the natural oils and sometimes burn the skin and cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Gentle beauty products like Vince’s products can be used for a safe beauty journey.

9. Facial Yoga And Massage

Facial yoga and massage are comparatively new practices in beauty, but they have the potential to reduce premature skin aging. Facial yoga helps to strengthen the facial muscles (which helps to reduce skin sagging) whereas massage helps to increase blood circulation and keeps the skin tight and wrinkle-free. They both work simultaneously to reduce aging signs.

Free photo close-up woman being massaged

10. Stress Management

Stress management is one of the best anti-aging secrets. Stress is one of the primary factors that trigger aging signs like wrinkles and grooves on the face, making the skin ugly and dull. 

Free photo businesswoman relaxing muscles after finishing job

So, try to meditate, pray, and do everything worth your mental peace. It will surely help you reduce premature skin aging.

11. Reduce The Number of Makeup Products

Excessive use of makeup products also contributes to the early appearance of fine lines and aging signs. These products contain different chemicals to keep them safe and increase their shelf life. These chemicals can harm the dermis severely. Try to use minimum products. And use gentle products in your makeup routine. 

Free photo make up beauty products aligned

Vince has bought an all-in-one solution by launching skin-friendly products like Vince Cream and sunblock. These products give the best coverage to reduce blemishes as well as to minimize the harshness of the sun rays on the skin.


As mentioned in the name, premature aging means showing aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin before the standard age. But this process is surely avoidable if certain practices are employed in daily routine to delay this process. A comprehensive and simple skincare routine can help to reduce premature aging. However, like any other practice, persistence is the key to getting a young skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the #1 cause of premature skin aging?

Excessive and unprotected sun exposure is an unnoticed, yet primary cause of premature aging. The Sun is the major culprit in 90% of skin aging issues like wrinkles and dark spots. Prolonged and excessive sun exposure disrupts the collagen cells in the human body leading to premature aging signs.

Q2. Can premature skin aging be reversed?

There is a straight answer, YES. At a young age, the body functions actively and produces beneficial proteins and acids internally. That is why, in the case of premature aging, aging signs like wrinkles and sagging can be easily reversed. Simply add antioxidant and protein-rich food into your diet and follow a simple and persistent skincare routine to reverse premature aging.

Q3. What foods slow down aging?

Foods rich in protein and antioxidants are said to be the superfoods that slow down aging. Because protein synthesizes collagen and antioxidants and fights against aging factors, internally and externally. Eggs, lean meat, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fish, and nuts are all good sources of vitamins and proteins. They help in slowing down the aging process by fighting against free radicals and boosting collagen synthesis in the body.

Q4. How can I prevent wrinkles at 27?

Making a simple skincare routine and following it religiously can prevent wrinkles and aging at 27. Facial exercises, cleansing, toning, moisturization, and sun protection can help prevent wrinkles and make the skin look glowing and fresh.

Use Vince’s vitamin C serum regularly to reduce dark spots and blemishes. Apply Vince’s perfect 3’0s cream daily, which easily removes aging signs from the skin with the help of effective ingredients. For better results and skin tightening, use Vince’s facial masks twice a week.