Hand & Foot Scrub Sale

Hand & Foot Scrub Sale

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Hand & Foot Scrub

AED. 28.00

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Which scrub is best for your hands and feet?

Any scrub that does not affect the skin harshly, can be used for scrubbing hands and feet. Some of the key things to look at in the hand and foot scrub are that it should contain tiny scrubbing beads, a suitable texture for the skin, and better scrubbing properties. Vince’s hand & foot scrub is highly recommended as it contains all these qualities that properly exfoliate dead skin.

Q. Can I use Vince Hand & Foot Scrub on sensitive skin?

Yes, Vince’s hand and foot scrub is completely safe for all skin types as it has no harmful chemicals or hard exfoliators. But keeping in mind the sensitive skin, one must try to scrub hands and feet mildly rather than scratching your skin harshly and roughly, to avoid any irritation.

Q. How often should I use Vince Hand & Foot Scrub for optimal results?

Using hand & foot scrub twice or thrice a week can give the best results. While scrubbing your hands & feet, use a mild and gentle scrubbing method for best results.

Q. Is it necessary to follow up with Vince Foot Cream or Hand Cream after using the scrub?

As a general practice, after scrubbing your hands and feet, the next step is to moisturize your skin. Because the scrubbing process also removes natural skin oils while exfoliating dead skin. That is why after this process moisturizer is a must to lock the natural skin oil and to provide an extra barrier to the skin. Using Vince’s Hand & Foot cream can be extra beneficial, as it contains special moisturizing as well as whitening agents that make your hand and foot extra glowy and beautiful.

Q. Are there any specific areas where I should focus the scrubbing motion on my hands and feet?

It solely depends on the condition of your hands and feet. If your hands and feet have patches and dark skin try to focus on specific areas while scrubbing, such as ankles and joints. These parts tend to be darker than the rest of the skin. But do not forget to scrub the whole hand and feet properly. Because, human skin contains dead skin no matter how fair and clean it looks.