7 Tips for Making Your Sensitive Skin Stronger

7 Tips for Making Your Sensitive Skin Stronger

On perusing the aisles of a grocery store, you may encounter a beauty product and a tagline on top of it grabs your attention, “For all Skin Types”, and the first question that crosses your mind is, what is my skin type? The subset is relatively limited, encompassing only four entries - dry, oily, sensitive, and combination skin.

All these skin types are fairly self-explanatory as their names convey the meaning except sensitive skin. The article is exclusively focused on assisting you in gaining mastery on a complete understanding of sensitive skin, a sensitive skincare routine, and tips for making your sensitive skin stronger.

What is sensitive skin?

The literal meaning of sensitive is being responsive, and when it gets tied to the word skin, it is defined as:

“A skin type that swiftly responds to numerous external triggers and experiences changes leading to shifts on how the skin looks and feels.”

Sensitive Skin Symptoms

There are two main categories of how the skin looks and feels. The symptoms relevant to appearance are visible, however, can be observed by anyone by merely looking at your skin. These include:

  • Redness
  • Patches
  • Dryness with probable formation of blister, cracks, or oozing fluid
  • Rashes or hives
  • Swelling

The symptoms based on the sensations are only experienced by the person carrying those symptoms. These include:

  • Stinging
  • Slight pricking
  • Pain or soreness
  •  Pruritus: A medical term for an urge to scratch to get relief.

Now, take a few minutes to align the above symptoms with the ones you encountered and label your skin type. If a few of the above symptoms get a tick and resonate with you, then the remaining article will guide you on how to make your skin glow naturally, and recommend tips and tricks for making your sensitive skin stronger.

7 Sensitive Skin Care Tips and Home Remedies

You may often find yourself trapped in an endless nasty cycle of sensitive skin care tips and home remedies on how to make your skin glow overnight. Or, at times, the thought of owning sensitive skin is so overwhelming that you impulsively load the shopping cart with all the available sensitive skin care products.

However, hold your horses; we are not saying it’s impossible, but consistency is the key. Be consistent in practicing the following tips for making your sensitive skin stronger, and you won’t need to seek answers on how to make your skin glow overnight anymore.

1. Nourish Your Skin From Within

Your skin is a mirror reflection of your internal well-being; what goes inside, whether nutrients or water, imprints its quality on your skin.  So, make sure to

  •  Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to flush out toxins.
  •  Choose a vitamin-rich diet, especially Vitamin C and E, to make your sensitive skin stronger.

2. Patch Test

Never directly introduce a new product into your routine; every product is not meant for your skin. There are likely ingredients that can be triggering factors, so begin by applying the product to a smaller region of your skin and wait for any probable reaction.

Free photo testing new cream

No symptoms initiated within a few hours? You got the approval to use it as it is declared safe for your sensitive skin.

3. Shower Wisdom

How to take care of sensitive skin in winter? Obviously, by washing out all the stress under steamy hot water and letting the dirt and pollutants wash off. But, certain bathing practices are declared mandatory for stronger sensitive skin. These are:

  • Exposing your skin to hot water will make the skin more sensitive and exhibit symptoms like irritation and dryness. So try a moderately warm shower.
  • Make your shower last for a shorter period, and say no to prolonged bathing sessions.
  • Gently pat your skin dry and avoid harsh towel scrubbing.
  • Always moisturize your skin with a quality moisturizer like Extra Strength Lightening Cream to keep your skin hydrated.
Extra Strength Lightening Cream

4. Avoid Detergents and Soaps

The presence of harsh chemicals in miscellaneous household products, either detergents or soaps, on continuous interaction with your skin gradually leaves a lasting impact and highlights sensitive skin symptoms. Search for products barren of fragrance and potential triggering chemicals.

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5. What’s in Your Closet?

Pay careful attention to your attire for being the first point of contact with your skin. Prefer soft clothes made of linen, cotton, and silk, and avoid wool, polyester, and nylon as they tend to retain heat. Avoid clothes with embellishments that may cause discomfort and result in patches or rashes.

6. Manage Stress

Skin is the largest organ of an individual and has an undeniable alliance with stress levels. It can negatively impact the healing process of your skin and fluctuate hormone levels. So, manage your anxiety level through practices such as meditation, maintaining a healthy sleep cycle, or spending time on things you enjoy to achieve balanced skin sensitivity.

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7. Adopt a simple yet effective skincare regime for sensitive skin

Establishing a healthy relationship between sensitive skin and the skin care product routine is crucial. Many people remain oblivious to owning sensitive skin until their skin becomes reactive to a beauty product. Hence, among the 7 sensitive skin care tips, the maximum space in this article is dedicated to the rightful selection of satisfactory products and adopting an effective skincare routine.

We are listing down 5 reliable must-have sensitive skin care products that are integral to your skincare routine and, therefore, should not be skipped at any cost.

Face Wash

A face wash is a mandatory product to cleanse your face from pollutants, dirt, makeup, and other impurities that cloud the purity of your skin. The world’s best skin care product applied on an unwashed face won’t bring the promised result. A skin cleansed inadequately is prone to clogged pores, leading to irritated skin with increased sensitivity.

Look for a face wash that won’t strip away the natural oils; otherwise, it will lead to more dryness and rashes. We recommend Vince Perfect 30’s Face Wash, which holds the exceptional hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid.

Vince Perfect 30’s Face Wash


Dryness is an undeniable symptom of sensitive skin, and dry skin is prone to get sensitive over time if not rightly taken care of. So keep your skin hydrated and opt for a reliable moisturizer daily at least twice.

Individuals with sensitive skin are required to use as few products as possible. So, the tedious job is searching for one moisturizer from which they can extract maximum benefit.

The Perfect 30's Cream by Vince is tailor-made for sensitive skin and handles 10 effects all at once, including wrinkles, damaged skin cells, dark spots, and complexion, to name a few.

Perfect 30's Cream


Serums are manufactured to tackle particular concerns with a high concentration of active ingredients. Choose a serum with hyaluronic acid and glycerin to replenish sensitive skin moistness.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Buy Hyaluronic Acid Serum


One of the undeniable triggers for sensitive skin is UV rays and sunlight, so it's suicidal to head harmful under the sun without sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. However, never forget to ensure it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Sunblock SPF 40

Skin of Your Hands And Feet

We often search for tips for sensitive skin on the face and overlook that our whole body is covered with skin, not only the face. Vince’s reliable tried and tested products combo of hand and foot brightening kit will relieve and keep this concern in check.

First, remove calluses and dry patches using a sulfate-free hand and foot scrub. Instead of leaving it to dry out, follow up by applying Vince’s Soft and Glow Lotion to retain the moisture and experience extreme glow.

Hand & Foot Brightening Kit


Sensitive skin can be challenging, and individuals battle the symptoms and possible triggers regularly. But a defined and disciplined incorporation of sensitive skin care tips and home remedies will erase the memory of tough times. A few tips include patch-testing a new product and examining the ingredients list to spot the presence of harsh chemicals. Additionally, a balanced diet, adequate water intake, and well-adjusted stress levels are crucial contributors to healthy skin.

Lastly, a consistent daily skincare regime is recommended and demands the inclusion of face wash, serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen. Keep in mind that the journey of making your sensitive skin stronger begins with small, intentional steps and a commitment to self-care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you get perfect skin for sensitive skin?

The secret of perfect skin is a treasure hidden in a mandatory skincare regime. Start with a cleanser to clear your face from impurities and moisturize your skin and body. Apply sunblock when venturing outside, and never forget serums with active ingredients designed for sensitive skin.

Q2. How can I glow my sensitive skin naturally?

Individuals need a perfect combination of nutrition and hydration for glowing skin. Stay close to nature to feel less stressed, and say no to going out without sunblock. Avoid harmful chemicals in your cosmetics and beauty products, and make patch testing a product an obligation. Above all, add trustworthy Vince’s Skin Lightening Cream, formulated for sensitive skin and promises a lasting glow.

Q3. What are the 4 characteristics of sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is characterized by redness, irritation or stinging, patches, and dryness as it is responsive to external stimuli and susceptible to initiating allergic reactions.  

Q4. How can I clear my sensitive skin?

There is a direct relationship between clear sensitive skin and your beauty skincare products. Always go with gently formulated products that are tested and declared suitable for sensitive skin. Extra Strength Lightening Cream is a powerful daily moisturizer to enhance the skin complexion.