Charcoal Mask Washable Sale

Charcoal Mask Washable Sale

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Charcoal Mask Washable

AED. 25.00

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are charcoal masks good for the skin?

Charcoal masks are good for the skin, and Vince Charcoal Mask Washable is highly recommended. It deeply cleanses all the impurities from the skin including environmental toxins. Moreover, it shrinks open pores, balances oil production, exfoliates the skin, soothes irritation, and improves the skin texture as well. 

Q. Can charcoal remove pimples?

Yes, charcoal has antibacterial properties that remove the pimple-causing bacteria from pores. It also unclogs the blocked pores due to excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and other impurities. Therefore, charcoal is effective in cleansing the skin and removing pimples.

Q. What does charcoal do for your face?

Vince Charcoal Washable is a powerful formulation that offers several benefits for your face. It deeply cleanses all the impurities from the skin including acne-causing bacteria, excess oil, blackheads, and whiteheads. Furthermore, it soothes the irritation while improving the skin complexion.

Q. Which charcoal mask is best for the face?

Vince Charcoal Washable is best for the face as it is enriched with minerals that deeply dive into the skin, cleanse grime, support removing impurities, light the blemishes, and work wonders to dig out blackheads. This premium quality charcoal mask is gentle on the skin and soothes irritation around the pimples as well. 

Q. Can I use a charcoal mask daily?

No, it is recommended to use a charcoal mask twice a week. Excess use of charcoal mask can cause dryness and irritation on the sensitive skin. Therefore, apply it once or twice a week on your clean face, wash it with Vince’s sulfate-free papaya face wash, and follow it with Vince's lightening toner to get excellent results.