Early Signs of Hair Loss: How to Recognize and Address the Problem

Early Signs of Hair Loss: How to Recognize and Address the Problem

Goodbyes are always challenging; loss always brings enduring sorrow. When the loss manifests as a sign of hair loss, diminished self-image, and social withdrawal are the price we pay. So, any question that is troubling you, whether on how to stop hair fall immediately or how to regrow thinning hair in females, we empathize with your hidden fears. The best hair fall solution is incorporated as early as you witness the initial sign of hair loss, as time only complicates the issue.

Look Out For Early Signs of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a progressive process, and it is unlikely to experience baldness overnight magically. So, if you have experienced complete hair loss at 40, you overlooked the early signs of balding at 20s

In the early stages, powerful Hair Re-Growth Products can delay the hair fall process and strengthen hair follicles. The article will handle all your general concerns like “My hair is falling out from the root what can I do?” But first, keep an eye on following early signs of hair loss to tackle the issue proactively.

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1. Thinning Hair:

Thinning hair is a noticeable change in an individual’s hair density or volume from different areas. Females mostly face overall hair thinning, but men usually observe hair loss around the temple, crown, or back of their head.

2. Receding Hairline:

The Hairline is the edge that marks the starting of a person’s hair. Usually, an early sign of thinning leads to hair pulled back, leaving a broader area on the forehead or temples.

3. Excessive Hair Shedding:

Hair discovered on a hairbrush or in the shower raises anxiety levels, but losing approximately 40-100 hair is normal. We have a balanced cycle of simultaneously losing and growing hair. Hair shedding is a matter of concern if the number of lost hair surpasses the normal range. 

Causes of Early Hair Loss

Hair fall reasons in females, mainly hair thinning and male baldness, are crucial matters of concern. There can be various reasons for the signs of hair loss, and a few of them are listed below:

1. Genetics:

Individuals with a family history of thinning hair or baldness with age should pay extra attention to identify early signs of hair loss. The likelihood of hair fall increases many folds in case of prior family history and genetic makeup.

2. Illnesses that Cause Hair Loss:

Can hair loss be a sign of something serious? Yes, it may be an indication of cancer or autoimmune diseases, an immune system problem of misguidedly attacking its tissues.

3. Vitamin Deficiency:

Protein, vitamins, and iron are significant for the skin and hair, and deficiency in any aspect leads to signs of hair loss.

4. Stressful Events:

The signs of hair loss can be caused when an individual encounters a stressful event like the postpartum period, starvation, and a crash diet. It results in patches of thin hair or overall hair thinning.

Some other causes may include:

  • Hormonal imbalance or thyroid condition
  • Extremely tight and uncomfortable hairstyles
  • Exposing hair to treatments with harsh chemicals
  • Damaged hair follicles due to injury or burn
  • Fungal Infection Plaguing the Scalp

Measures to Address Early Hair Loss

1. Hair Oiling:

Massaging the scalp with natural oils is a traditional and effective home remedy. Putting oil in the roots and gentle massage enhances blood circulation and nourishes your scalp and hair to remove dandruff and stimulate hair growth. The ones with the most convincing results include rosemary, jojoba, and pumpkin seed oil.

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2. Hair Regrowth Products:

Hair loss is losing hair with a slower re-growth ratio that results in thinning hair. So, the best choice is to incorporate hair care products into your routine, as your hair and scalp need a fair share of maintenance. A few widely consumed and recommended products are:

  • The relationship between keratin and strengthened hair is no surprise. So, one of the common hair fall reasons in female is the absence of effective ingredients in shampoo. Those reliable ingredients, including biotin and keratin with no traces of sulfate and labeled paraben-free.
  • Regain Leave in Hair Cream is a new entrance into the list of effective anti-hair fall products. Vince’s hair cream is formulated with a powerful combination of 12 effective hair oils.
  • Hair growth serums have the healing properties of preventing hair fall and strengthening the thinning hair. Besides that, they tend to moisturize the dry scalp, emphasizing a nourished growth cycle.

3. Consult a Dermatologist:

Many illnesses cause hair loss in females, so take the problem to an expert, as only a professional can pinpoint the exact cause and provide appropriate treatment. Treatment varies based on the underlying cause, and once it is treated via proper diagnosis and timely interventions, you will see effective management of hair loss.

4. Adjust Your Diet:

Which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss? Blood tests will reveal the report card of all the missing vitamins and nutrients in your diet that are probable causes of hair loss. Next time, pay more consideration to the food items that assist you in addressing those deficiencies.


Hair loss is a gradual process that goes through different stages, starting with a receding hairline and leading to complete baldness, mainly in men, and hair thinning in females.

Timely identification of early signs of hair loss gives space to effectively manage the hair fall and further delay the process of complete hair loss. There are many factors contributing to hair loss, including a nutrient-deficient diet, underlying health issues, and damaged hair follicles, to name a few.

Opt for anti-hair fall and regrowth hair serums and shampoos, a nutrient-rich diet, proper medication to combat these signs, and most importantly, seek professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you treat early hair loss symptoms?

Usually, the early signs of hair loss start with a receding hairline. The primary course of action is scalp massage with natural oils like rosemary, jajoba, and coconut oil and application of onion water. If a low-calorie, vitamin-deficient diet is initiating hair loss, then relevant supplements are advised. In addition, hair regrowth Creams and serums are suggested as they can keep hair loss on hold.

Q2. How do I know what my hair loss is from?

The guidance of a professional always comes in handy to locate the true causes of signs of hair loss. They offer their services and treatment after accessing multiple factors relevant to the signs of hair loss. Some may include the pattern of hair loss, family history of thinning hair or baldness, frequent aggressive hair treatments and hairstyles one carries, and any other health condition diagnosed recently.

Q3. What are the 1st stages of hair loss?

The initial signs of hair loss are slight hair thinning that is barely noticeable. Over time, receding hairline starts becoming more apparent.

Q4. How do you stop stage 1 hair loss?

To prevent hair loss, maintain a balanced diet, pay attention to scalp and hair health by incorporating anti-hair fall shampoos and serums, and consider medications and sprays for the scalp.

Q5. At what age is hair loss complete?

Complete hair loss varies among individuals and contributes to various reasons, including family history. However, research suggests 95% of men experience male pattern baldness by the age of 80, with 50% suffering some hair loss by 50, and approximately two-thirds are either bald or observe bald patterns by 60.