Quality is one of our core responsibility as we understand that without quality products, we cannot make space in the global market. At VINCÉ, products are tested through different laboratories to ensure their quality, safety, and purity. The safety of products starts with ingredients, so for that, we screen out ingredients for their quality, safety databases, and for the manufacturing process. We also make certain that these ingredients are used safely in the production process. 

VINCÉ Is As Concerned About Safety As You Are

We strive to value our customers and other stakeholders by providing quality products which meet or exceed their expectations. We have the following procedures in order to maintain the quality and safety of our products;

1- We attain raw materials having the best quality mostly from recognized international vendors and also Halal Certified.

2- Quality control and the Halal team check all raw materials mostly on the basis of relevant Certificates of Analysis and Halal Certificates or Halal Declaration.

3- Raw materials are stored in a separate warehouse in a clean and controlled environment with proper identification.

4- Raw materials are released for batch manufacturing according to the relevant batch production card following FIFO/FEFO (First in/enter First out).

5- Modern manufacturing machinery is used to make Personal Care products in form of Hair Care & Skin Care with a focus on quality & safety.

6- RO Water with controlled TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Conductivity, Total Hardness and pH is used in the manufacturing process. This RO Water is shifted from the RO unit to the manufacturing site through SS316 piping. Before starting batch production, again quality testing is done.

7- After batch production, quality testing is being done before the batch handed over to the filling & packing department.

8- High-quality packaging is purchased. This packaging reduces the environmental effects like heat, light etc. on our end product.

9- Modern filling machinery is used to fill tubes, jars, bottles etc. Here we have pneumatic fillers, semi-automatic tube filling & sealing machines, round bottle/jar labelling machines, and four nozzle filling & capping machines.

10- After filling & packing random sampling is done by the QA department and samples are handed over to the QC department for final testing. Final testing included microbiological, Physical and chemical with state-of-the-art instruments by ISO standard methods and in-house developed methods.       

11- End/Finished Products are placed in a separate warehouse on racks with proper identification and in controlled environment.

12- Our Skin Creams, Hair Cream & Shampoos are also completely examined periodically by PSQCA (Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority), a Pakistan Government organization that works under the Ministry of Science & Technology through PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) a third party testing Lab. Also, our all products are Halal Certified.

13- Before launching new products, special tests like real-time stability and thermal stability, pH, viscosity etc. are performed to check the quality of new products.

14- Whenever any new product passes required tests, its formula and raw materials suppliers are locked in order to maintain product quality in each batch. Whenever there is a need to change any raw material supplier/source, the particular ingredient is checked, mostly by making a small trial batch.