2 Step Shiny Hair Combo Sale

2 Step Shiny Hair Combo Sale

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2 Step Shiny Hair Combo

AED. 85.00

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is it good to apply serum after shampoo?

Yes, it is highly recommended to use the re-alive hair serum on freshly shampooed hair. The main purpose of serum is to protect the hair from pollutants. This purpose can be accomplished only in case you use it after shampoo, using it on unwashed hair can make the hair look oily and rough.

Q. How do you use serum and shampoo?

Firstly, cleanse the hair with shampoo and apply serum on wet hair. Pump one or two pumps of Vince Hair Serum on the palm. Gently massage the hands together and disperse evenly throughout the hair. Rinsing hair after serum application is not required.

Q. Can I style my hair with hair serum?

Yes, serums are the best hair styling tools that make the process of hair styling easier. Vince’s Realive Hair Serum is a highly effective formulation that not just nourishes the hair but it eliminates the frizziness while making the hair styling easier. 

Q. Can you mix hair serum with shampoo?

Do not mix hair serum with shampoo. Serums are oil-based and the main purpose of shampoo is cleansing the scalp and hair. If you mix both, the formulation will not clean your hair properly. Always apply serum on damp hair after using shampoo.

Q. Is it OK to leave hair serum overnight?

Yes, you can leave hair serum overnight. Vince’s re-alive hair serum is a gentle formulation that is enriched with the power of Argan oil. Apply it after washing hair with shampoo and leave it overnight or more than this. It eliminates dryness and frizziness of hair while giving smoother and shinier hair.